“All art is someone trying to tell you something, I realise. There’s thousands of people who want to talk to me, so long as I open their book” – Caitlin Moran


This is a blog site that I’ve been patching together for a few months now; a blog about books. As an avid reader I’ve always loved diving into new worlds that now make up my childhood favourites, the formative books of my teenage years, the obscure gems I found at University, and the ones that I continue to discover today through libraries, bookstores, recommendations and book challenges.


“The art of reading and writing must have hit the people like lightning. It must have been extraordinary to them that lines and dots on a page or a slate when taken together could transmit a message that a person many miles away could receive. It must have seemed like a new form of magic” – Wangari Maathai


With books you can live out a thousand lives. You can travel the world, perform impossible feats, you can throw yourself back in time, and even launch yourself into the distant future. You can meet people you’d never have known, and see events unfold first hand. Each time you pick up a book, even if it is a dog-eared copy you’ve read many times, you are reincarnated. Between the little lessons, and the earth-shattering epiphanies that books give us – they shape our lives. When we return to books, we have aged and we have grown; thus, we read from a different angle and so we are spoken to differently. Because ultimately, though books are the written word – we are spoken to – across time and space. It is a ceaseless conversation.


“Books are quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counsellors, and the most patient of teachers” – Charles William Eliot


Emma Probett



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